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To see and to be seen – WOWOW – Don’t Fear The Dark

Biking to work, walking to school, running in bad weather or training every evening for that big cycling challenge. The most important thing for the vulnerable road users’ safety? To see and to be seen, by day as well as by night! Wether you’re living in the country or in the city, you should be able to enjoy outdoor sports wherever and whenever you want. WOWOW provides the equipment to keep you save at any time, in all circumstances. Don’t Fear The Dark is not just a cool marketing punchline, its what this passionate company is all about. The mission of our WOWOW-team is to improve visibility and thus the safety of the outdoor athlete and vulnerable road user no matter what. How we accomplish that goal? By creating, entirely from scratch, innovative, reflecting and fluorescent sportswear and accessories by the retail concept brand WOWOW.

Years of experience and use of high quality materials

P&A products was founded in 2004 and immediately focused on making reflective wear that improves the safety of vulnerable road users and outdoor sport addicts. The own, in-house design team, the own product development, the years of experience in the line of business and the use of, and continuous search for, the highest quality materials guarantees the excellent build quality, strength and refined looks of the finished products in stores. All WOWOW-products are of course made in conformity with European and environmental standards.
WOWOW products offer added value for users and sellers. The company ensures a good, customer focused service, direct or via distributors.